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Parallel Digital - a boutique design firm. Located in Brisbane, Queensland, Parallel specialises in providing high quality design, with even higher quality customer care.

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Web Design

So you’re a person/business/government/cyborg that needs a website, right?  Well one thing we are good at doing is making websites.  Good websites.  No matter what your project is, we can make a website to fit your every need - whether you're a small business, a freelancer or something else entirely, we've got you covered!


So you’ve got this fancy new website (maybe we built it, maybe we didn’t, whatever).   You'll need someone to host that.  Chances are you can do it yourself, but who really knows how to navigate through the land of web-hosting. We can take care of web hosting for you, to make your life that little bit more stress free - trust us, it’s worth it.


You need some photos, eh?  What for?  It doesn’t matter - we can do it.  We pride ourselves on providing great photography for any occasion.  Weddings, band shoots, headshots (with a camera we promise), corporate events, anything your heart desires - we will take a photo of it.  Promise!

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  0459 932 313        3/629 Toohey Rd, Salisbury QLD        contact@paralleldigitalmedia.com

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